Sky sports bullshit


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Oct 6, 2005
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nr.Cov.... pure n*l
I've been "watching" Sky Sports The Players Live since 14-00 today. The first 11 minutes was the European contest in Kenya. Since then in 2.5 hours they have shown about 6 shots, 5 of those have been from the great Tiger Woods who is currently 11 shots behind Tommy and Rory.
How can Sky call this live when all it consists of is annoying know fook all American sportscasters with annoying voices and short video bio's of some of the players that we have all seen umpteen times?

Fortunately I have a Golf TV subscription so am keeping up with live action on my pc. I can watch it on my tv if I use Steam Link but for some reason can't watch it just using the browser on my tv.

Sky channels for me are through a cable cs sub but I really feel for those golf fans who are paying for a premium channel and being offered this shite.