Sky Movies/widescreen issue


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Aug 29, 2001
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last few days Ive noticed Sky Movies 7/cinema 1/2 dont auto change to widescreen:( looks all long and stretched,all others are fine
anyone else noticed it and having the same probs ?

digitalworldz 1.6 image

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I just had a look mate and them channels all look ok to me. I am using same image. I did notice that it isn't showing the Widescreen icon in the info bar even though the tv mag says that they should be in widescreen!!?!?
Ive re flashed and re scanned and its still the same,looks like its just me hmmmm
hi, i have the same problem with premplus. When i go into info it sais 4:3 but i can see the display is 16:9. Would not be too bad if i had 16:9 tv as i could just set the tv to 16:9, but i have 4:3 and the ratio is wrong. Any ideas?
this is the way I have it set up

Dreambox is set to 16:9
TV is set to Auto video sizeing
now it switchs perfect on every channel ie: 4:3 programme is small picture,16:9 programme fills the screen

now on Sky Movies 7 /Cinima 1/2 it a 4:3 picture on tv but should be a filling the screen as its is a 1: broadcast,I know tgis coz the ratio is wrong
Im sure this is something sky has done as it was fine a few weeks back(im sure of it)
I think that's the problem mate, those channels aren't brodacasting in widescreen format when they should be and because you are using auto format it always switches to 4:3. I have mine on permanent widescreen and it seems ok.
Try that.
yeah gredders its fine for those channels set to 16:9 on tv :) but then all the 4:3 broadcasts look funny lol
Ill leave it on auto and just change if I watch sm 7/cinima1/2
I just wondered if others were having the same problem :)
its all back to normal again :)