sb4200e freezes on firmware update


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Mar 1, 2008
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ay up ppl,
ive been trying to unbrick my sb4200e for ages now and its caving my head in, the first time i tried with the ethernet cable with netboot, i managed to get to the hack page i tried to update the firmware then it froze halfway leaving it fooked i think i put the wrong firmware on, so i brought a max233 from jabsplace and soldered the wires used boot.exe with vxWorks i opened hyperterminal pressed 2 quickly, i fount this somewhere what i sent text file.

"2 enetBcm(0,0)admin:/opt/vwMIPS_1_0_1_fcs/target/config/sb4200/ h= e= u=jmcqueen pw=rickey7 f=0x8 tn=SB4200 o=bs1"
then i opened explorer and put amd entered the hack page but when i try and update again it freezes halway, ive been using this firmware,
Can someone help me please im stuck as fook
make sure all firewall and antivirus in cluding windows r disable.... u might have to try blackcat m8 if thats not working!!! u got 21 post now so u should be able to start posting in the modem section sometime today and download what u need... u will need to make a blackcat lead which ther is a tut in haynes guide on what u need and how to build 1