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Jun 24, 2005
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Hi, been using sportster 1.7 on a sagem Ix1 and works fine for a few minutes then the video freezes and the sound stops and is replaced by a constant squeeking noise. Have been using the same image on other nokia and sagems and all have been fine with no problems. Does any1 know how to fix this?

Try something like Nextgen from Gav - u can change the drivers and ucodes. Have you tried taking out the modem in the Sagem? that can help, if you hav no luck with images and changing ucodes-your tuner is knackered or motherboard gone. I had two Sagems I could not get going at all.
yip do as above but on sagems it's easier to just unplug the modem. if the ucodes and modem dont sort it. try putting on boxcracker theres a working one in the downloads. boxcracker is known to sort out a few problems such as weaker tuners etc
I recently scrapped a Sagem after it did exactly the same thing, I tried all of the "fixes" like taking out the modem, adding attenuators to the line, tried every image I could find and every ucode combi going but nothing fixed it. I concluded its a faulty Avia600 chip as that decodes the mpeg streams.
Strange thing was it was perfect on FTA channels.

My advice is dont get obsessed with it, just check the other forums and you'll see it aint worth it.
Tryed nextgen image seems to have fixed the problem, might try removing the modem. Thanks for the info.

just got my dbox and i want to set up on a wirless connection to my pc could anyone let me know what i need to get
i dont have a nextwork setup at all
do i need to get a router as i just want to link my pc to dbox for mp3 and video streaming. Oh and easy flashing too