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router issue

Discussion in 'Apple IMac' started by Cressi, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Cressi

    Cressi New Member

    Anyone any idea why my Mac will not connect to router admin after update to Sierra? connects ok to internet but not admin panel. Reset/Rebooted everything and windows laptop works fine.
  2. Cressi

    Cressi New Member

    Its not Safari related, as Chrome docent work either
  3. Cressi

    Cressi New Member

    Widows laptop connects
    Android Phone connects
    Macbook will not since update.
    Don't really want to remove update so has anyone any ideas?
  4. fatbob46

    fatbob46 New Member

    This article is about fixing wifi problems, but says it may fix other network issues so it may be worth deleting plist files.
    I'm on Sierra 10.12.1beta and can connect to my admin panel ok.
    Fix Wi-Fi Problems in macOS Sierra
  5. Cressi

    Cressi New Member

    Went back to El Capitan via backup and all works fine. Must be Sierra
  6. M0d3mz123

    M0d3mz123 New Member

    Could it be a wifi card drive update? I know some macs have issues with certain wifi channels?
  7. hallgren

    hallgren New Member

    Hi Cressi,

    Maybe you found the solution to your problem but there are a few possible solutions. One is that you reinstall Sierra and make the update to latest version. There has been some updates since October.

    The other reason that you may not access admin or https sites could be a Global Sign Certificates solution. This can be addressed through Terminal and using the code:
    sqlite3 ~/Library/Keychains/*/ocspcache.sqlite3 'DELETE FROM ocsp WHERE hex(serialNum) IN ("040000000001444EF03E20", "040000000001444EF04247");'
    Since you are using Time Machine, you can always revert back to the recent backup. As always, there are risks using the Terminal commands...

    I hope you will be successful

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