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Feb 13, 2007
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West Yorkshire
Does anyone have the up to date C+W public keys please? will you PM them to me?

trying to get my funcard 4 working in my sammy box and having lots of blank black screens.

any ideas?
Be patient mate im sure someone will contact you
Yeah i just did that for him. It was taking its time to update but its all working now.
lol after it happens i always say to time i will make sure its checked first but as you say i never learn!
problem is its not you who needs to check it the person who lives in that area if they tell u nthell you just go along with it till 6 hours have passed and before you say anything i have done it 4 times lol we should make a club of it
the forgeters lol
lol well no harm donw. Gave me an excuse not to do uni work which is always a benefit!
Ice is the man!!!

Helped me no end. Cant add enough to his rep to reflect how much work he has done for me but I would like to publicly state here on this forum........He is a star!!!