psp connection error 80410a0b


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Mar 4, 2007
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anyone got ant idea howq to fix this the lans light dosnt even come on
What are you trying to do? When does the error occur? Anything else you can think of?
A little more info please :)
trying to play a game with my son i had it working but it went offg again iam asumming its faulty
In the xmb goto "settings/power save settings/wlan power save" and switch it on then off. Then remove the psp battery for five minutes and put it back. Let me know how you get on.
this might sound a silly question ;) but have you accidently turned the wifi button off. maybe caught it with your finger or something? it is easily done.
there is a slide switch just above where the memory stick is. check it is not in the off posttion.
the wlan light wont come on at all now i hate this thing lol no worries guys i give up
I've read some other forums (googled your error number) and it seems that it may be broken. But then you said it was working intermitently, maybe its a loose connection inside. Just a thought