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Apr 18, 2006
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Hi all

Over the last couple a weeks some of my backups won't load, Or sometimes they'll load ok untill i try another then it just says open tray.
Then if i stuck a certain backup in that worked & it loaded up then put in one that wouldn't work it would boot up, & other times it would boot up with no probs.
Then tonight i can't load any backups what so ever. All on various media.
Its an ms28 newish just before x mass with extremer 5.0.

Would it be worth reflashing it ?

I also have a spare hitachi drive if all else fails could i install that with a bit of jigery pokery?

Cheers all
maybe worth flashing to 5.2 also try the rubber band fix (do a google for this)
but your best option would be to put that Hitachi drive in it a spoof it in fwtoolbox so it the shows it as the same samsung drive that was in there
On a similar note iv'e got a hitachi 47 thats just started giving unreadable disc errors (sometimes won't boot). In a vague hope of getting it working i stripped it & gave it a good clean up, tried the same disc again & so far iv'e had no probs. Maybe just a coincidence that it works now but suppose time will tell.

If the drive is on the way out is it easy enough to put a sammy in its place?
use Verbatim

More then likely its the rubber band fix that going to solve your prob but before start that and destroy that I recommend try a few things as Xbox have a big prob with overheating very quickly and causes backups to deterate very quickly due to heat and very important that its keept in a well ventilated room that’s dust/dirt free as Xbox tends to turn into a vacuum cleaner and all seats inside 360.

You must be using Verbatim DL discs trust what ever drive have.

But recomend this to see if fixes click links for Nyko - Intercooler

So things Must do try are as follows below -

. Keep 360 out of any cuboards or closed away needs to be in open space free vent.
. 360 free of sucking in any dust dirt that causes to over heat.(clean 360)
. Older 360 dont play more then 3 hours straight in one seating needs to cool down for 30 mins.
. Purchase the Nyko Intercooler
. Keep backup games clean no scratchs marks etc.
. Purchase a DVD Drive disc clean and put in 360 and run cleaning every week to long the life of 360.
. Try giving your laser lens a quick clean with a cotton bud.
. Boot the 360 up with the disk in the drive it tends to load them without a problem.
. If get no load disc Remove HDD Hard Drive and boot up. ( This is a save-game conflicts between original and backup)
. Keep 360 flat and not standing up
. Use house fan blowing on the 360
Cheers Guys

Since I posted I havn't had any probs tho the same GOW disc is still in & I daredn't swap it in case it goes on a mish again but thats all i play anyways.
I'll w8 till it goes tits up again & think about a reflash.

Thanks muchly 4 all the info
I agree with five, Only use Verbatim media since other media is cheaply manufactured and will cause your 360 to produce read errors over time.

There was some tests that showed this, But I've forgot the link. :(
XBOX360 Newbie

I bought a pre-flashed 360 which has worked fine. I've followed up on the info in this very helpful Forum so I've got my PC all set-up with a Kreon + Pioneer 101 DVD set.
I got some games from blokbutser today in the hope of 'you know what' but now my xtreme backup's won't work.
I did buy a few original XBOX games and there was a few download's and restarts.

So to my question now my backup games won't work - how often and when will I need to update e.g. reflash the drive. I've not touched the XBOX360 since I got it in Jan.

Cheers Keith.
Xbox has changed it mind ??

Well today the backup's all seem to work again - maybe this is more to do with heat e.g. I've not used the XBOX for a day and this works on boot up. I've now bought a cooler to add to the back of the unit - it really chucks out an amazing amount of heat !!

Cheers Keith.