Play PS3 Backups from a DVD-R / BD-R


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Jun 1, 2001
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Jamal94 knows, and if you don’t, he’s gonna tell you: you can burn PS3 backups to a DVD-R or BD-R (dual-layer media doesn’t work) should the game fit. But now you’re probably wondering, why would I want to do that, Jamal? I got a 500+ GB drive for backing up games. Well take a look here and you’ll notice more than a few games have issues. Reports are coming in that games with problems *may* see improved compatibility when playing from an optical disc. It’s simple really:

1. Backup your [legitimately owned] game to the HDD using Backup Manager.
2. If you’ve backed up to an external FAT32 formatted drive:
* Connect the drive to your PC and browse to X:\GAMEZ\<GAME ID>
3. If you’ve backed up to the internal HDD:
* Connect to your PS3 with PS3 FTP Server
* Browse to /dev_hdd0/game/LAUN12345/GAMEZ/<GAME ID>
4. You should see 2 directories: PS3_GAME & PS3_UPDATE — and 1 file: PS3_DISC.sfb
5. Burn those 2 directories and 1 file to a single layer DVD-R or BD-R.
6. Delete the game off your HDD.
7. JailBreak your PS3, insert the disc, load Backup Manager and load your game.
8. Store your original game disc for safekeeping.

source:Play PS3 Backup Games from a DVD-R! - PSX PS2 PS3 Scene Hacking Modchip & Jailbreak Community
nice one i bought my blu ray writer about a month ago i said to the mates i didnt think it would be far off jokingly then when the jb came out i thought theyd gone straight passed using discs, now i just need to wait until december till my phone contract is up and i think ill get a 2nd ps3 i might self harm if i get band of psn you see lol cheers for the info m8
Has anyone tried booting a game from the HDD with a backup DVDR in the drive yet ??

lol I need to get my own PS3 instead of repeating myself over and over again
WOW appears there is a lot of mis-information out there regarding this !!!!

I must of read about 40 different pages of utter shite I still dont know if this actually works or not, people are saying that the PS3 is still booting from HDD when the backup disc is in and others are saying otherwise ???

Apparantly this video proves what I was asking works though MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service i'm trying to D/L on my laptop at home via RDP from work cos everything is locked down in here, if anyone can confirm this I would be grateful :)
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