Play Ps1 Ps2 Isos On Your Ps3


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Dec 10, 2005
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i copy this from another forum. have anyone install linux on there PS3. Can you please try this. thanks

Well apparently with the luck of linux there seems to be a command flying around in which you burn your backed up ISO to a DVD, pop it into linux and run this command:


mount -t iso9660 -o loop,user game.iso /mnt/sr0

Apparently from there linux is suppose to crash and you will be returned back to XMB where you are now able to click the ISO.

You need linux and a backed up game which is under 4gb
hmm not heard anything about this one,and if it just a simple command in linux im surprised its taken so long to find,and isnt more widespread

but ive been looking for an excuse to instal linux on the fecker,and if this means ill be able to play burnout dominator then ill have a crack

could i ask where you got this from,please
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sounds to good got linux on my ps3 but alas no ps2 game backups if you have a go violentj let us no if it works m8 could be worth the band width.
lol ive gotta decide which feckin linux to put on,i dont wanna go the yellow dog route cos thats what sony want u to use so its definatly gunna be restrictive
true woth looking at other installs if you get a diffo version going please let us no what it is could be woth a format & reinstall
Put ubuntu on it lol.

I cant see how mounting it would crash linux though. I cant see this being real. Theres only 1 way to find out lol

If this was true you could mount a ISo and it would play like a disk
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well ive got hold of fedora core 5 and only just got me a usb keyboard so ill give it a go tommorow,i dont expect it to work,but worth a try i guess
you never no i used a cordless usb to install ydl but not all of them work good luck violentj hope it works
aye i can confirm it does nowt but lock your ps3 up,AND AFTER 2 hours of installing
ive decided my ps3 has no value to me at all

no games worth playing at the mo,all the films i like seem to be going to hd dvd,
and linux is pretty much usless
another toy under the bed till somthing is sorted the wife will be pleased woth a try though violentj