Philips ex On Digital Reciever


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Aug 17, 2005
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epping forest england
Is there any point in keeping my reciever that last saw light of day 3 years ago when i could recieve 25 tv channels,since i have moved no reception on any data base,when analogue shuts down & digital signals increase will my box be obsolete?
Have you tried to "store channels" as the box may need to be retuned for your new area.
I use my ex-on-digital phillips box now m8 and recieves all free-view channels no probs :)
Philips box

Thanks for the replies, No signals with 32 element Aerial in Digital,Analogue very weak in my area,box was fine when i last tried it at my last address,i think it will still work when they crank up the power of the digital transmitters.
I was just wondering if the software in the m/c will update whe i get a stronger signal here.
Signals have improved now recieving all Multiplexes from my local transmitter via my digital TV tuner, old On Digital box was naf so will buy a new one so I can record on DVD & VCR.