page style stuck!!!


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Dec 3, 2004
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Hi guys can you please help me? :)
i was looking at the different page styles for dw and now i am stuck on pda!!!
I try and click a different style but it just stays on pda :(
should be disturbd now. log out and back in again
i thought i would try that but i have been looking for the log out option for the last ten mins but cant find it!!!
just an update i am still in pda view! very annoying!!! :(
I cant find the log out option anywhere!
i just got someone to log on my account from another pc in the hope it would log me out this end but that didn't work all though when they logged on as me they had the normal style page up!
can a mod kick me out or something please? (i wouldn't normally ask for that!!)
cheers damage for your help its all ok now. I cleared all my cookies in fire fox which logged me out and now its working cheers :) :) :)