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Sep 28, 2010
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I'm after a little bit of help please chaps, for a friend on another site.

I've been searching around for a copy of the following language packs

1.) Office 2013 x64 en-US Language Pack ( X19-32632.exe )
2.) Office 2013 x86 en-US Language Pack ( X19-32633.exe )
3.) Office 2013 x64 de-DE Language Pack ( X19-32641.exe ) ( optional )
4.) Office 2013 x86 de-DE Language Pack ( X19-32640.exe ) ( optional )

It seems that they have mostly been removed from the official sites, and are either purchasable, or simply all links, mirrors and backup locations are no longer available when you actually click the downloads. (I've tried a few sites and as you all know I'm pretty clued up on this anyway)

I can get them from the VLSC, but they are multi-language packs and are almost 20GB in size, which as you can appreciate will take some time to download/re-upload so I can provide the necessary link for download.

Appreciate the help.

EDIT: I actually think I've found them, so this thread may be redundant. Bloomin typical isn't it lol.
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