Nokia N95, which sat nav software ?


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Jun 6, 2005
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Hi people just got a nokia n95 with built in GPS just wondering which Sat-Nav software to use and if i can get it without paying for it : colors1

Thanks all for your advice and time......

: big crow

whats the phone like mate any good? is it pda to? can you send emails ?
tom tom 6 works great on the n95, been using it a couple of months now.
Tomtom doesnt work with the N95 as it only uses external gps recievers at the moment... I am guessing they will update it to work with built in gps recievers in the next version...

My mate installed it on his and it just stayed on the red splash page... So assumed it was looking for bluetooth device.
Most retailers seem to be offering 3 years subscription for the SatNav.....does this mean their sat nav includes all traffic hot spots, etc, as the TomTOm itself doesnt require annual sub.
I have a 3 year subscription for the SatNav.But I am not very impressed with it.
Tomtom are well ahead of Openbit and Nokia.My old 6680 with Tomtom 5 is not getting thrown out just yet as it is 100% better than the N95.I am going to try Tomtom 6.2 I will let you know how I get on but I do not think it will work as it has been pointed out due to the built in gps.
Mebz the only poi I have seen on my N95 is a petrol station. no speed cameras no nothing
as anyone tryed an external gps to see if the tomtom works,it would be nice to know till the internal gps gets sorted with tomtom.
external gps works fine with the n95, tried tomtom and it doesnt work with the inbuilt one.
got tomtom working on my N80...was going to recommend it to my mate who has an N95 but not gonna bother if it doesn't work with the built-in GPS.

N95 works with external GPS on TOM TOM, there should be a patch available to use the internal GPS soon hopefully.
Has anyone tried making there own patch for TOMTOM to use on N95.

As someone pointed out to me tomtom navigator for the pda has the ability to use built in receiver so maybe the prog could be modded.

I have a free 3 year license as my gift for signing a new contract but no phone at the minute as i broke it and now have to wait for a replacement.. :CRYBABY: