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Mar 3, 2007
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Hey i just got a box from asda for £30 for my mums mothers day prez!

Onn OSTB-01

i put it in my room 2 check it workd! and the channels came up!!

i then put it in mums room (about 5meters away from my room) and re-scand the channels but no channels could be found! :(

any ideas y?

both our rooms run off diff arials, mines ouside hers is in the loft! could this be it?
just need a lil help b4 sunday thanks!
You've confirmed the box works and the only thing you've changed is the aerial. I would say it's definitely the aerial.

Maybe the aerial in the loft needs moved a little to pick up the channels.

There should be a signal menu somewhere, it will show you the signal strength. Compare it with both aerials.
cheers ill try it 2mz!! altho didnt see a signl quality thingy but i knwo what u mean!

ill report back
Check the connector

Before you mess with your arial, check the coax connector on the end of the lead the pin may be broke i am only telling you this because i re made the connection at my mums when i had the same problem and it worked fine when i re-made the end connector back on ;).

Good Luck ;)
still no joy :(

i even took the connection from my room joing loads of wires 2 geva n made an extntion to her room so it was same connection from my room and still no channels came up :S but i put it bak in my room and the channels appear!!

does it matter wer in the house the box is?
i have a sky dish thats not used on side of the house!! could i use that to connect to freeview?