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Nov 12, 2005
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Hi All,

New to all this, so sorry if any of this sounds silly!
Can you advise which is the best box to buy for NTL. I want one which is easy to retreive the BK and IRD without having to remove chips etc. and also that is able to disable talkback by just cutting out the track.
I have got the USB inifnity programmer and atmega card. Am I all set once i get the NTL box or is there more to this?
Mate you cant buy a box from NTL you rent them, and the box they rent you its best not to mod it in anyway. The best bet i to source a box else and mod that. You could look on ebay. If you want Hassel free I would advise u to get a Nokia Dbox 2. Theres no BoxKey or IRD to get.
dbox is your best bit mate as cossie has said
Cheers guys, help much appreciated.
I wouldn't touch the rented box anyway as you say, too risky.
Is this Nokia DBOX 2 easy to disable talkback aswell?