New life for an old PC


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Nov 25, 2006
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I have put some life back into an old PIII machine and am looking for ideas to take it further.

I used some spares I have to put together a PIII 550 with 256ram, and old 32meg PCI VGA card and DVD rom. I connected it to an old 19" monitor.

First I put XP on it to getting up and running and connected it to my home network and set up VLC on it and Tight VNC.

I am using it to view Video and play MP3's when I am in my workroom, I connect to it using TightVNC and view/listen to files from my network drive.

It is working well, even better than I expected. What I would like is some ideas to improve it, I was thinking about a remote control, I have to power up a second machine to use use the first with VNC and to shut it down. I was also thinking about using it as a MAME machine (if possible) and use something like Game Ex and a front end.

You could say it is a prototype, if I use it enough over the next few months I may upgrade the hardware.


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Jan 27, 2006
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My Duron 1Ghz PC will be used in a MAME cabinet along with my huge 19" CRT monitor.

If I ever get around to building it LOL...

If you strip it down and sell the parts on ebay you'd be surprised to see what kind of money you get :Devil: