new card in bolton

new card are here in bolton now my has come today

same here m8, im going to be getting some phone calls over the next 3-4 weeks. time for the dbox2 to retire. regards mdt
Great stuff, been waiting for this .. too many knobs here saying, they have done a re-tune ..and it will never go off ..making me seem thick ...
some of the things said too me ..

I know a vermin engineer , and he said these vox box`s dont need a card

just do a re-tune thats sorts it

were do you get your information from - what a load of bollocks

sad day for some
great day for me ..
Yep got home to mine
farewell cable tv I have loved you from analogue to digital but now you have betrayed me
Cable & Wireless, NTL, Virgin R.I.P.

Sky here I come