Mutant HD1500


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Jan 30, 2013
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midlands ireland
hi all, thinking of getting the mutant hd1500, I have had a solo2 for years and I have to say its a great box, very fast,
the mutant is for a friend as they cant afford to shell out for a VU+ twin tuner. I also recently bought an octagon sf8hd but its very slow to do anything like downloading epg, ect. how would the mutant compare to the solo2 or the octagon.

thanks K


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Jan 27, 2007
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It's a dual threaded 73625 processor in these which in terms of spec. (speed wise) won't quite be up to the SOLO2 but in reality through menus and such it's more than fast enough for your average user, it will be very much noticeably quicker than the old Octagon SF8HD which was only a single core with no dual threading... The 5 on the end of the chipset number also means it supports H.265 (MPEG5) which while it's not a major advantage right now might be in future if/when broadcasters use this (there are a few non-UK aimed services around already) plus it can be used right now for IPTV streams that are in this format. It's a fine receiver all in all and sure would be more than adequate for the needs you have mentioned.

The only real downside from the feedback I have had is there is only a single USB port, not an issue if you only have one USB device to connect of course, could be if you want to add a USB HDD and WiFi dongle for example, you can add a USB hub though if you want, I've tested a simple non-powered cheap 4 way one and no issues with running a Samsung M3 USB HDD and Wi-Fi dongle at the same time.

You might want to also consider the Air Digital range. I deal with the EVO NOVA range but they are more or less the same spec. wise to the Zgemma H2 range... So EVO NOVA Twin / Zgemma H.2S would give you twin DVB-S/S2 tuners and use the 7362 chipset so it's more or less the same dual threading speed as the HD1500 but without H.265 support - they do though have 2 x USB ports and an SD card reader which can be used for recording, timeshift and EPG data if setup correctly.

There are other options to of course, lots of options these days but I think based on your needs you'd be happy with the performance of any of these I've mentioned, they all come in at around about the same kind of prices give or take.


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Feb 21, 2008
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Can you run Kodi 17 on this box ? Is there special edition/full Kodi for them?