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Mar 26, 2006
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'It was an open secret' - Bill McNeil
For anyone who uses usenet to get TV shows i was directed towards this wee proggy (cheers reni) and been having a mess about over the weekend and must admit i am impressed.

sickbeard - Project Hosting on Google Code

it works in conjunction with sabNZD to automatically get all your tv shows etc with no effort on your behalf one you drop in you show folders.

it will use likes of nzbmatrix, nzb r us etc to search and leech your shows, unpack, rename and sort em into folders for you.

i have it on my NAS (eTrayz) and like i say it pretty good. it grabs folder art etc and has a nice web page where you see up coming shows on you list and ones you have missing from your catalogue.

i hate attached some screen dumps from m shows so u get an idea. so you can see i know house etc will be coming back soon :D

there are windows versions so dnt need to sit on any NAs etc.
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