Android Lock screen for ghost touches


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Dec 3, 2012
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Have a problem with the misses tablet in that it has ghost touches.

Tried everything online to fix it and nothing works.

Does anyone know if there is something that can lock the screen to touches unless a specific pattern or something is entered. That way she can watch videos at least on the thing.
Is it getting ghost touches in a specific app or on every app?
Usually when it's hot so mainly when watching a video or plugged in
It could be overheating or the battery maybe slightly swollen due to getting hot which is causing the ghosting issue. Might be worth opening up and having a look at the battery condition.
Not heard of an app that can lock screen touches though.
Doesn't look like the easiest thing to take apart as there is no screws or anything on it. Don't really wanna go messing with it. What you said should correct though I think the battery getting hot is messing with the digitizer.

Managed to find an app touch blocker. Just testing now.

### update ###
Touch blocker does exactly what I needed
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