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laptop cant find hd

Discussion in 'Microsoft and Windows Support' started by imyeman2000, Mar 12, 2017.

  1. imyeman2000

    imyeman2000 New Member

    hi everyone not sure if this is the correct forum , i have a dvd hard drive recorder with recordings i dont want to lose ive taken the hard drive out and connected it to my laptop,the laptop makes the noise when its plugged in but it doesnt show up ! i read something saying to open disc managment to see if it shows there . i did that and it is there but as unknown when i right click on it it asks to initialise then something about partitioning , my question is if i click on any of the 2 will it harm the hard drive so it cant be used back in the dvd recorder....ive took pics if needed any help please will be appreciated thank you...!
  2. sneaker

    sneaker VIP Member

    An hdd out of a dvd recorder is preped in a different way to a pc hdd which normally use fat32/ntfs if You try to alter it with a pc Your films/programs will be lost. I don't know how You get them off I'll leave someone else to answer that, someone with experience of this problem, it might be worth letting us know what the dvd recorder is. This might also be better posted in the av/home cinema section.
  3. rawsy

    rawsy DW F1 Champ 2010, 14

    Only way I know of with pvr hdd is to use a capture card and play and record the programs. An easier way would probably be just to burn the shows to DVD and rip the DVD after I think .
  4. imyeman2000

    imyeman2000 New Member

    cheers anyways much appreciated for the feedback !
  5. kacaak

    kacaak New Member

    Commercial hdd recorders use proprietary file system, or encryption. Try google and search for your device type.
  6. mb63

    mb63 New Member

    Put the Hard Drive back into the original machine, then connect via scart/component to a PC with a tv card.
    You will then be able to copy the recordings to your PC hard drive!

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