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  • hahha mate i went for the first 2 sessions and didnt go back ! ye feel stupid haha i think the youngest was about 70 was so funny and embarassing !! anyway good to hear she back on track and getting well!! take care!!!
    Heyup mate, the missus is coming along well, she's going to Cardiac Rehab exercises, I went the first week but couldn't stop laughing. Hope you feeling better and are keeping well.
    Cheers mate, she had 3 x stents, 1 in the back one and 2 in the front right, we both agree that she's dodged a bullet there. She's due out today so will dive on when I can
    Yeah, just erase the card and write the files for a different box and try the card in that
    its not goin to work mate! can you send me the ext file to put in and if it dont work then must be summat wrong wit card or box!!! the free channels r on!! have saved as all files and named it micks .bin tried it and still sayin card not in properly !!!
    It will do, read the tut again mate, I said save as ALL FILES and make it a .bin....not .bin11 or .bn11, if it's saved as a .bn10 or .bn11 it won't be recognised by any programmer, it needs to be in .bin or .hex format (binary or hexidecimal).
    that wat i did i clicked on the arrow it dropped and had the 3 files ye said wen clicked on the first 1 it came up status information reading funcard status done no errorsunderneath that a current progress bar 100% and overall progress 100% and under that done wen click on the done goes back to the infinity usb
    Heyup mate, look at the read tab in the proggy software, there's a drop down arrow at the end, click the arrow and you can select what is read from this, read each in the order I said and save to a known location
    Yes and yes mate, for a proggy look at the infinity usb phoenix (not the unlimited), with a bit of reading you should be able to get things back up and running.
    TheChatterBox | Cable TV Specialists download the toolbar m8 and all your files and fixes are on there
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