is there any way round this ?


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Jan 9, 2007
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viewing a couple of tropical fish
Tried just about every image on me DB , the problem i have is that i cant get all the channels on one, i seem to miss about 20 channels after scanning.
i replaced the services and the bouquets with the ones i converted from a dbox.
the channels i am missing, the EPG is working, but no picture.
also itv2 the picture is working but not the EPG.
i tried an attuenner 3db but still the same.
anyone help me out ?
Instread of an attenuator try a signal booster. Missing channels are usually the result of a low signal.

If you are getting the channel and there's epg, the channel is there. If you are getting a blank screen, it's down to the emu not decoding it. Try leaving it on a bbc channel for 5 minutes them turn to the premium channel and wait for it to clear.
Aftermath, so you are missing 20 channels. How many do you actually watch. Do you have to have every single channel. I have fallen into this trap as well. I spent ages trying to eak out the last few channels tha I was missing. I went away for a few days, thought about it and realized, it was greed that was making me do it. Just because I saw the channel was possible, I HAD TO HAVE IT!!!!! I didn't even want to watch the channel.. LOL.

I currently get about 190 channels, I actually watch about 8 on a regular basis. The best thing of all, is that my image is stable. It hasn't locked for weeks.