Is my box useless now?


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May 26, 2005
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Afternoon, i have a pace Di2000T box that has gone off because of telewest teleport.
Hardware version p2.18
Is there anyway to get this box working or do i need to get another one?
I have been offered a working box but it is pretty expensive, i really could do with knowing if the one i have is fixable.
Please, anyone?
no mate if your box was sweet before vod hit it can be fixxed just open it up and look for an anti update mode (use the search button) undo that and all should be well it could mayie be a wire mod or a sim but it can be sorted

never buy abox off a trader mate there init for the monet and thats it have a look arounf the forum and youll soon have yours back up and running

hope this helps
Excellent thanks bud, searching now....................
Had the same happen to me on a 2000 box, removed the wire inside to remove the no update mod being carefull to seperate the two pins the wire was solderd to on the surface mount transistor, did a forced update and all was groovy.
I see the wire, there are 2 atmel chips and 2 empty spaces, one has the wire.
So i remove the wire?
right done, removed wire and force updated the box.
Cheers mate thanks a million, i now have channels back wahoo!!
Just one small thing, when i change channel i get an error saying the smartcard had been removed.
Is this normal?