is it goosed??


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Oct 4, 2005
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ok this has proberly been asked a hundread times (feel free to slap me down if it has)box was working fine up until wed.found new .service files and bouquets for my area using Flash fxp i transfered them to my box plugged it back in and "Waiting for time " came up all my files were there channels everything DO YOU THINK TUNER IS GONE????
well if it was working fine why dont dont you try a service scan again to see if the picture comes back on
dont all that ,re-flashed ,re-installed service and bouquets service scan manual scan you name it ive done it it still keeps saying waiting for time even when you turn it off the time goes to 0100hrs 01/01/2005?
try finding differnet service files for ur area
it sounds like it waiting for time is normally associated with a dodgy tuner. but best to gat an expert like liam or mgb to confirm this. have you tried a brute force scan?
tried that tried central scotland ,edinburgh glasgow you name it all the same result sorry this reply was for bash 687
tried brutforce,sporter,zorge you name it still the same ive read on forum somewhere that this could be a faulty tuner if it is how easy is it to fix?do i throw the lot in the bin and buy a new box or do i buy a new tuner?ive had a look inside with a torch and it looks like its soldered(me and a soldering iron not a good combination (iam about as much use as a chocolate fireguard)
just like me. i wouldnt try to change one myself as there is loads of soldering involved. just take out the main board and look underneath and you'll see it all. the choice is yours if you know somebody thats good with soldering irons get them to do it. other wise get a new box. good luck

you can get a tuner from the link above
yea i am not very good with one of those things thanks for the site info had a look and its about £36 for a tuner just hoping if i buy one that its going to be ok?
I am going to suggest that you flash this very old image here:

Flash it as normal but make sure you change its IP address afterwards as you may have problems otherwise.

Then either do a scan (if it has the correct option), or put in your old services and bouquets files. (the channels that will show by default are for the 'essex' area and wont work in scotland tw)

If you get ANY channels coming up, even the free ones, then we can rule out a tuner problem.
hi m8 thanks but now have tried all this i re-flashed no probs i checked my service files and bouquets they were all there connected to t.v bbc1 but still came saying waiting for time could not get any free channels couldnt even get qvc so what you think now ,tuner problem?
ive had this a number of times after flashing recently ... but i persevered and eventually scanning found the channels again ... not sure if TW are changing things on the fly or what ... used to be 6887 but last flash and scan it used the 6952 ... maybe im just not remembering things right lol.

anyway like i said it might be worth sticking with it ... at least before trashing the box
morat been at at it for 2 days re-flashing ,you name ive done it getting to the stage now that i want to join skyyyyyyyyyyy(sorry moment of madness there)no really have tried everything it just keeps sticking trying to catch time once or twice when i switched iy off it said 0800hrs 28/09/2005 that was the nearest i got when i went in it still said waiting for time
have you tried restarting the cam, if sporter image blue button, then
red button then okay, this get my channels back okay..
oh i have all the channels its just when i go into them because its waiting for time you cant get anything up on screen
yea mate good thinking on your part m8 you know what iam like yes cable feed is in left it for 24hrs plugged in still kept saying waiting for time unplugged it for 24 hrs still the same me thinking now tuner oh by the m8 have just reflashed 3 of my mates box(you would be proud of me)this goes to show what the good people on this forum can help you with even i managed to do it(though i cant do my own doh)