IRD forward or backwards???

i allways put the ird in backwards m8 on rom10s and 11s
Hi as a rule yes
But i have inadvertantly put ird in forward
and the card still worked
Realised what i had done so checked card again
ird had been reversed somehow
i thought it was me so tried it again still the same
This was a 4001 box by the way
Interesting points chaps,just done a card(11) for mate in TW area,keeps gettin 1015 message,card status please wait,the rev has changed to b04.
The box is a 1000 and i put ird in backwards,carefully double checking it as well as bk.
Will give another image a go.
To add more fuel to the fire.................. its an ex-cw 1000,its anti-updated and still on cr1,as TW are now on cr4.From reading on here the box is rendered useless without a tw flash.