i want to give my money away!!

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Dec 3, 2006
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Scenario: A forum member helps out another by posting him a spare part for something. The grateful reciever asks how much? .. The sender say's... "nothing, just give a small donation to dw" .. So off goes KG to send a tenner to dw and can't find a way to donate it.

The top & bottom is I'd like to give a tenner to dw, no more & no less. How can I do it prey do tell?
you have already donated tho, buy digi a new sheep his is a bit tired now.

As for the donate there was a button to send small donations seems its not there now.
have a look in user cp

should be a link in there :)
there was a place to send a donation a few years back l did it but not there now ?
but a better solution all round is to stick around and be part of the furniture here :). Then one day you will get the chance to pass something on to someone else for free or help someone out in some way, then that next person owes the community here. The good member that helped you originally has passed you something even better than the part you needed- they passed on "the true spirit of this place". Stick around and pass that on when you get the chance, its worth much more than a tenner ;).
I agree.. very good post. The only problem I have is that I agreed to do it & I like to keep my word.
you dont need to donate again to the forums

as pink has said share something on here on make a few extra posts you would not normally make thats enough for me/and the members.

i prefer members to get involved with the site and share information, its all good and well poeple donating but without you all posting and sharing the donations are pointless, the donations are very much appreciated we can tell you that but without you being involved and having fun its not that important

people donate normally because they enjoy being a member here and have donated year after year, 16 quid is not alot but we dont want to get rich we want to be around for as long as possible and thats the important thing nd the only reason we have donations m8y

so dont worry you have done your bit already but get posting along with everyone else collectively we can make this site even bigger

Mickie D
Again very good post... Well I guess I'll take your advice m8. I'll do my best.

The member I dealt with was mickmc68, he's a man of his word and I'd just like to say thanks to him again. Top man:)