How To Make Your JTAGed 360 Region FREE


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Jan 25, 2006
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Work.... Where else?
brought to you by XeDev
Team XeDev - Xbox 360 Homebrew at its best
and of course [cOz]


XBR Patch Pack V5

Package Created By Belenos originally created by XeDev
Thanks to PorchMonkey and any involved with XexMenu, Freestyle Dash, Dash Launch

What it does:
Waits for bootanim to finish, then launches a xex or con as defined in ini file and makes Console Region Free*

* note: Region Free will only work on xex files so xbox 1 game are unaffected as they are xbe files you will also notice you cant install "out of region" games via the NXE but you can use iso2god on them and they will work that way.


1.) Rename appropriate XBRpatch to updpatch.bin:
For 16 Mb nand rename updpatch_16MB.bin

For Big Blocks (256 and 512 Jasper) rename updpatch_Big_Block.bin

For region Free Patch Only 16mb nands rename updpatch_RF_only 16mb.bin

For region Free Patch Only Big Block nands rename updpatch_RF_only Big Block.bin

2.) Place Updpatch.bin at root of USB

3.) Place the appropriate Launch.xex at root of Xbox HDD. Launch.ini can be placed in usb root or hdd root.

You can Use 2 different Launch.ini if placing one on Usb root and one at HDD root
Usb Ini will be loaded first if not present Hdd Ini will load. If neither NXE dash will load as a fallback

XEXmenu Launch expects Hdd:\\Content\0000000000000000\C0DE9999\00080000\C 0DE99990F586558

Freestyle Launch expects HDD:\\Freestyle\FreestyleDash.xex

USB launch version of Both Xexmenu and Freestyle Included
Xexmenu expects Usb:\\Xexmenu\Defualt.xex
Freestyle expects USB:\\Freestyle\FreestyleDash.xex

Custom launch version has no path. User must alter custom launch path.ini and insert path. Then rename to Launch.ini and place at root of HDD or USb

If launching Con or XEX from HDD use launch.ini at root of HDD
If launching Con or XEX From USB use launch.ini at root of USB
DO not cross-reference Launch.ini and Con/XEX
(I.E. DO not use usb launch.ini to call file on HDD or vice versus)

4.) Launch Flash360 (thanks Redline99)
Press B (write update areas of Rebooter)
Press B (Write updpatch.bin)
Once completed press back button twice and xbox will shut off. turn back on and your loader will boot instead of Dashboard.

Orignally brought to you by XeDev

Info from original Read me:

this is presented as-is, any risk is solely the end users responsibility. While all of us are sorry
when unforseen things happen, not every situation or mistake can be accounted for before they have been spotted.

usb testing was done using a usb flash drive, it's unknown at this point if the delay added to fix xbr con loading
will be enough to allow hdd's to spin up.

Big thanks to all the users who are helping eachother figure out ways to use these new patches and sorting through
any issues that arise. Be aware, as many problems as you can find we can try to address - above all, enjoy!

Big thanks to those who opened the way and those who made it even more usable. Huge thanks to the other members
of XeDev who constanly put up with my antics, I need SOMEWHERE to practice being a downtown mumbler!
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Nov 6, 2005
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hmm i may try this, i just hope i dont bugger it up ;-)