iPhone Hmm was geohot right to release jailbreak


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Oct 16, 2003
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was he right to kill green pois0n's jailbreak thunder ?

i think geo shouldnt of released it and left it till 4.2

what does everyone else think
if its there and ready to be released, why wait. geohots top dog at this game so he can do what he likes, as he has!
True.... but he said he wasnt going to release any more versions and give jailbreak a rest,

so the whole world focussed on dev team to release green poison, dev team getting all excited etc etc..

and out of nowhere a day earlier, limerain gets released. i would be pissed off,

feel sorry for the dev team tho
yeah id be pissed off aswell if that were me, but id also say well done to the man, or boy in this case, lol, that brought it quicker and probably better, im not really clued up with it all tbh, how many people is the dev team, and geo is just 1 man, so hes clearly the man for the job!
For me he wanted the glory 1st he`s definatly took the shine away for the long awaited shatter jailbreak and there big moment on the 10.10.10 at 10.10