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when my daughter uses her ps2 old model to watch dvds the picture is green but when playing games pic is fine anybody any ideas as to what the prob is and how to fix it
i think it's your rgb scart cable.

you'll probably need a disc called dvd reigeonX to get them to play properly.

sony made them like this to prevent copying dvds to video or somthing.

bit daft if you cant watch the film in colour though

or try a rf lead.
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yes mate it could be that you need a new lead or if could be that the DVD is in the NTSC format ( american ) and will not work in colour on a PAL playstation, but try getting a new cable which is scart and grey it also has the three colour connections on their so that you can plug them in, im using that and it works fine
yep im using the grey scarret lead so ill try that thanks lads i let you know the out come
Hello...just thouht id add before you go out and spend money on a scart lead check the tv your using runs at 60hz plus you will get a green screen on some tvs that dont run at 60hz or above

use a full pinned scart,the one you get with the ps2 has onlyabout 12 connecting pins.
green screen

Does your ps2 have a mod chip as i believe some of the early mod chips can cause this i did a magic 3.1 for a mate and his went green on dvd but i dont know if he sorted it or not...

Jbhoy is right mate i had the same problem so i just got a fully pinned scart and problem solved.

Try here mate.


Not in stock but gives you the idea.
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No I think explosivo had it right first time! Use an rf lead or the scart that came with the ps2 without all the pins.
A full pinned scart lead enables rgb output from the playstation. You cant watch dvds on the ps2 in rgb mode without DVDX or a modchip because you'll get the green screen.
Yes rf lead will defo work mate but i got a fully pinned cable and it took the green screen away.

P.S. i did eventually get the Action Replay media centre.
@disco ive orded the cable from your previous post and my box is not modded it standard
I take it the switch on that cable turns on and off the green screen then? Coz i know for definate that you cant watch dvds using a normal rgb cable ( all pins)
sony added extra protection when they made the ps2 for some reason it green screens ntsc dvd, dont quote me but the full scart should sort it out
if it has been modded all good chippers should have taken the protection if it only takes a few secs to sort it
most new chips will overcome this problem
It tells you why you get the green screen here

Its well known that the green screen is protection against using full rgb cables.
A normal uk ps2 cant play ntsc discs without dvd region x or having a mod chip.
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