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  • Hi.
    I noticed your post about Waltham Forest and NCP's disgraceful towing.

    I am currently researching for an official complaint to the LGO about this racket.

    There are a number of aspects that i believe are wrong:

    -NCP run all aspects, from ticketing to towing and appeals. Clearly a conflict of interests for a private company.
    -NCP authorise far too many vehicles for removal, even for petty contraventions
    -NCP do not always wait for 30 minutes after ticketing before authorising for removal. Government statutes require this.

    As the MP of Waltham Forest is supposed to be a "lefty" and "idealist" i am also hoping to get him onside for the complaint.

    I hope you are up for helping me with this. There is something very simple you could do if you are interested:

    -Check your PCN for the time you were ticketed
    -Check your removal reciept for the time of towing.
    -If they waited less than 30 minutes before towing, i would love to know.

    Either way, if you are interesred in adding any weight to this complaint, please let me know.
    I am a regular member of if you want to check that out too. I will be co-ordinating the complaint and campaign there.

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