Generation Kill...Iraq war miniseries.


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Jul 30, 2006
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Episode one available in all the usual places.

At the start of the second Gulf War, Evan Wright, a reporter for Rolling Stone magazine, was embedded with the Marines of the First Recon Battalion. While other units made a westerly swing along a major highway into Baghdad, the Devil Dogs of First Recon stormed through a narrow stretch of back roads, guns blazing. Along the way, they fought against the hardest resistance Saddam had to offer.

Generation Kill is definitely worth watching and it throws you into the experience instantly and as completely as a dramatization can. Think Saving Private Ryan, or HBO's own Band of Brothers miniseries, both about World War II, but Generation Kill isn't about a past war. It's about the war being fought right now, and its realistic feel is enhanced by the fact that its stars are, for the most part, relative unknowns (familiar face Lee Tergesen plays Wright's embedded-reporter counterpart in the drama, but that character is relegated to the background).
There's lots of dark humor, a display of bravado by young men surrounded by uncertain, unsafe circumstances. It's a perfect subject for a miniseries, because the idea that any character can die at any time makes every mission a tense viewing experience.

I have watched the 1st episode and am looking forward to the next one.



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Jul 10, 2007
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I read the book when it came out, it was quite harrowing to read.

The story itself is very interesting, I dont want to spoil it at the moment, but I will say it was interesting as it was at odds with many of the news broadcasts at the time.