front row?


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Nov 12, 2004
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Setup 2 nokia dbox2's recently 1 for myself for Renfrewshire NTL and 1 for a mate in Dumbarton TW, problem is he gets 9 channels for front row and I get zip, both areas have gone vod.
I have a number of front row channels in my program listings just have nothing on them.
Gettin' a bit jealous here any ideas why this might be?:Cheers:
tell him to make the most of it just lost mine today and im gutted !
did you use service files from that area in both boxes?or did you do a scan am from central scotland and we still have front row but my m8 lives in west lothian and he doesnt have them he uses my service files and bouquets
yup i also setup a dbox for a mate in dumbarton on telepest gets all front row chans

but im in clydebank nthell no front row

ahh well cant grumble get all other channels