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free windows 10 key

Discussion in 'Microsoft and Windows Support' started by danielp1689, Jul 11, 2016.

  1. danielp1689

    danielp1689 New Member

    i installed windows 10 today with a bogus key and contacted support to say it wont activate and they give me a new key for free and activated remotley for me .
  2. leemoo

    leemoo VIP Member

    They will do, its free till the end of July anyway so they won't be bothered.
    Try this again in August and I don't think you will get the same support.
  3. khetim

    khetim New Member

    For global yes, but if you have specific EA then you can get spesific support
  4. kristiaanb

    kristiaanb New Member

    yep the grace period ends at the end of July and I think its something like £90.00 a licence after that? you can however upgrade a PC to 10 now and get it activated for free, roll it back to your present os and then just roll it forward when you are ready if you wish and the key will still stay (as long as no significant hardware changes have been made).
  5. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    just backup activation do fresh install restore activation all you need
    helps for hardware changes subject to change after july 29th
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2016
  6. avid

    avid VIP Member

    That's all I did but I have updated now anyway.....
  7. Steveuk23

    Steveuk23 New Member

    What options would I have with this way with a new PC build ?
    Ive not started it yet but probably in august after my holiday
  8. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    only Microsoft knows that answer to be sure guess you will find out soon enough when you build it in August
    to guess it i would say it will change but a guess it is
  9. freddj

    freddj New Member

    had the same issue. Nightmare. i suggest backup and start from scratch again
  10. holmroad

    holmroad Member

    When you say 'backup' system, what EXACTLY do you mean by that please?
    (e.g. I am currently on Win 10 on my new laptop, so how EXACTLY would you suggest I back it up first if I decide to install Win 8.1 on it?)
  11. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    why would you want to reverse engineer a new laptop ?

    anyhows just backup activation & bobs your uncle
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
  12. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    Who would have the skill to reverse engineer a new laptop?, lol.
    I would be first in the queue to shake their hand.
  13. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    well ok then why would you downgrade a new laptop win 10 to 8.1 pretty much same thing
  14. holmroad

    holmroad Member

    Well I DID quite like 8.1 on my previous laptop and have been more than put off by seemingly all and sundry from Windows 10 these past few months - hence my query as to how to actually backup my new Win 10 'just in case' I revert to an older system such as 8.1 or even 7 - surely that makes good sense?

    (Plus still no real reply as to how IN DETAIL please, to backup my Win 10)
  15. zap1

    zap1 New Member


    i've tried once to backup and activate later and i when i tried to activate never could do it

    it didn't worked for me. i had to use kms activation
  16. chookey

    chookey VIP Member

    Sorry alimac but I need to put this right. Downgrading an os is nothing like reverse engineering. I have reverse engineered many a faulty section of electronic equipment. This becomes necessary when no circuit diagrams are available and involves drawing your own circuit and consulting datasheets. I can only do this on single and double sided boards. A lot of equipment nowadays use multilayer boards and only the big boys with big money can reverse engineer those.
    Large companies may possibly do this on their competitors equipment. The military often did it on enemy downed aircraft.

    Reverse engineering software would involve disassembly of the code and studying it line by line.

    Erasing a hard drive and inserting a windows disc cannot in any way be classed as reverse engineering.
  17. alimac

    alimac VIP Member

    was a figure of speech mate thats all maybe should have just queried why wish to downgrade a new pc OS system
  18. Diesalweasel

    Diesalweasel New Member

    Think you can use a windows 7 key to activate windows 10. I'm sure it used to accept them
  19. zap1

    zap1 New Member

    are you sure. i think isn't possible. you could upgrade win 7 to 10 till july, but not anymore
  20. JonMMM

    JonMMM Active Member

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