Failing at the layer break.


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Mar 24, 2005
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Hi guys im using a 111d on the latest firmware and have both downloaded and ripped games using my kreon drive but i still am unable to get a disc to burn succesfully and its driving me nuts. Now i will say that the discs are not verbs but i would have thought at least one would have worked, sorry gears of war burned suceessfully but thats it. Is it the discs , im goin to get some verbs tomorrow, but id like some info before i spend my doe.

Cheers BIGJV
Verbs give me 100% burns Traxdata approx 90%, I have seen games burned successfully on Ridisc too.

Stick with Verbs if you can, I get mine from SVP Communications.
BURNING at 2.4 this is driving me crazy.
naff discs as the end of the day m8,if you want a good cheaper disc try the purple top trax data
got near the same issue
tried 4 diff brands and still cant complete a burn.....
use traxdata verb ricpoo and summit called mirror
no joy what so ever
all was working coool until i installed vista didnt like it so went back to xp
since then iv had this problem any one got any ideas??

sorry sometime it does 50% then 51% then 63% then 80%.........

tried using both my nec burners iv had 100 discs success with still same ??
im having same probs tried traxdata 8x purple trax 2.4 gold tops aone printables 360 printables loads of expensive coasters tried both buffalo firmware and pioneer firmware it does my head in
can u do me a favour and check your devive manager ide and tell me what u have ? in the are there 2 primary and 2 secondary ?
I have 100% success rate with ridisc printable and benq burner
i use the cheapest media i can find and always burn the fastest speed and never had 1 coaster
Ok boys time for an update after trying 4 diff brands of cheaper media which were easier to get my hands on in belfast and got 1 clean burn from 30 discs. I bought the verbatim duals with the frosty pink top layer and ive had nothing but sucess.

I really do believe that its pointless using anything else, those that have had sucess with cheaper discs i salute you but its not worth the rollercoaster ride watching the progress bar. Cheers for all the suggestions but the verbs are the answer.

no other media to try gonna get another burner this 1 is only 3 months old does all other dvd,s cd sucessfully but not duel layer so 22 quid for burner or 200 quid of coasters
@ MOGGA heres how i got same issue sorted......

ok 1st goto control panel then device manager then take a look in IDE ATA/ATAPI once in there take a look at each device and make sure that ultra DMA is enabled and aslo that for each device the current mode is UDMA.

IF any devices arnt enabled or in udma mode make sure you change them to enabled.

ok next thing i found was that with the burner on ide 0 with a hdd it wouldnt burn.. so i put both hdd on 1st ide and the 2 burners (nec and pioneeer 112) onto 2nd ide pioneer as master... nec slave

now i did 1 more things I updated the via chipset drivers as they handle the ide.......

AT THIS POINT I HAVE SUCCESS with both burners with mirror discs £7 for 10

the pioneer is 100% success rate at 1x 2x 4x and even 8x....
the nec ...well 1x is ok and 2x is ok say 80% success

i also put new operating system onto hd beforw i tried the above but they still wouldnt burn...

1 other notable thing which im not sure about is that if i burn from sata hdd it takes longer to swap layers in burn on both burners all speeds so now i burn from ata hdd....

hope it makes sense mate and helps you out....... gl
took the writer out of copyall and put in pc now workin 100% all media even infiniti 360 disc s takin writer back thank 4 all the help on here cheers
So reading this has told me that I aint gonna have any luck with the cheapo dual layers i bought off ebay!!

And even more, i am going to need a pioneer dvd burner to burn my discs. isnt it the same if i use my dvd+rw drive? is there somehing special about these pioneer drives?
pioneer drives seem to be the most reliable mate. ive got pio 112 and its had a 100% success rate while my lg has 100% fail.

the discs im using are a-one from ukdvdr i think.
pioneer 112? i have seen pioneer 110 on ebay. i gptta search more on here for the rite one