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Aug 3, 2005
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Hi all
Just wondering when you purchase a F Type coax adaptor and plug it into the back of the DBox is their any signal quality lost?
Im with N*L and my signal is approx 98-99.9% quality. Because when I use the N*L digibox with RF out the piture usually is quite grainy. Thanks
You have to use the F type connector to get the feed onto the box...there's no choice in the matter!

The dbox is connected to the tele via scart (not an aerial) so I would imagine the picture quality is just the same as a standard cable box. Obviously the better the scart cable the better the picture but I don't have any complaints about the picture on my box.

Hope this answers your question!

I wouldnt worry about it; if anything it will only degrade your signal by a maximum of 1%. If it bothers you, then you can buy a platinum F-Coax adapter which is gold plated and all that.

And as devilfish says - theres no choice in the matter. You have to use a F type connector to get the feed onto the box. If you tried to connect it any other way (for instance, a home made connector) then you would definately experience some signal loss.

Is there any reason why the F-type can't be replaced by a standard TV connector rather than using an adapter?
you can do that too, but than u need a converter to connect to ur original box.
i think ftype is the best way. I noticed that my original box has for some reason a more pixilated image than the dbox.
Sorry, I don't get it.

1/ Why do you need a converter? AFAIK you can cable F-type to standard antenna in either direction.

2/ Why would you want to connect to your original box, anyway?

I agree the F-type is a superior connector to standard antenna.

Just trying to learn..................