DVD Player £14.95


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Sep 28, 2004
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They are offering a brand new boxed Multi region DVD for £19.95.

If you're prepared to accept an "Open Box" item, you can get DVD players for as low as £14.95 at Richer Sounds. They have a trade counter in each of their stores where they sell off such items (*Open Box = ex-display; mail order returns; or ex-service products thoroughly tested and guaranteed.)

The link to their trade counter page is here. You select the region for the stores you're interested in; it then lists the items available in that region and the numbers in stock at each store. Some bargains to be had.
RICHER SOUNDS great store if dvd can be ulocked to multi region they put a sticker on side of the box telling you how to do it got one for my dads birthday the other week.