[DOWNLOAD] Black Hole 3.0.2 with Kodi 16.1 Sunray Solo 2


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Sep 16, 2014
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Black Hole 3.0.2 with Kodi 16.1

(for Sunray Solo2 & Original VU+ Solo2 only)


Source Date: 06/04/16
Kernel: 3.13.5
Drivers: 01/12/15 (patched)

What is new ??
Support Kodi (solo2, solose, duo2, solo4k)
Fix youtubetv/chromium bug
New default skin MX HQ10
Update initrd, minidlna
Update HbbTV
Cache ddp/aac/he-aac pid in lamedb
[SEC] Fix 0 byte recording issue in linked tuner.
[Frontend] Fix lock fail for linked tuners.

WARNING: This Image has the latest drivers and CAN NOT be installed in multiboot. The image MUST be installed in flash.
Black Hole does not support images not installed in flash.

This latest version of the Black Hole series has been entirely rewritten and improved in the code for maximum stability and performance.

Online updating is possible. This image has the driver version patch and drivers write-protected.

>>> CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD Black Hole 3.0.2 Sunray Solo 2 <<<
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Image starting problem corrected and re-uploaded.

Anyone who downloaded this image on Friday 08th April, can you please download it again.
Hi, ketmp, I have downloaded it today at 9 am (gmt+1).

Was it already ok?


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I would re-download again just to be sure :)