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Jun 18, 2004
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where the cable forums gon i carn't see it here: shocked2
Anyway this is what i was going to post there.

hi i am near to giving up on this now,I need to program a 12c509 chip for this old box don the hex just need to know how to program the chip, My elvis says Selected pic not matching identified pic so i got some new one and it still say the same, i have tryed loads of settings but still no good.
And with my baby programmer the one i used for the same chips with the c12 fones and playstaytions won't program the chips ether thats says, Programming Failed at Code address 0000h ! what ever that means so can enyone here shed some light on whats going on,O and i tryed to programm a chip with the old phips c12 Hex and that done work eather, Could it be my laptop.
Thanks anyway peeps