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  • hello sir
    i tried using HDVB using CCcam. i did all as per your instruction in your post and added cline of my friend who is using DM and he has strong server but the sever is not showing in HDCB CCcam section.
    Please help me and tell me where is the problem ??
    Cheers, for posting the _Bis_Art_Jsc_SCT 26.01.2010 funcard files.

    What can you actually achieve with these?

    I have a Dreambox 500s running CCcam, Dynamite USB programmer and Funcard (aka Prussian galaxy 4).

    Cheers m8 think i'll go for the 100cm then,sorry I have'nt replied sooner.been away for the weekend.
    Hi sakiblateef I noticed that you are in my neck of the woods (Nottingham)was wondering if you could advise me on what size satellite dish I should buy,as I dont really want to buy a dish ,and it not be sufficent for my area.
    Hi sakiblateef.
    Im looking for some info on re-doing digialb card.
    Saw an old post from yourself regarding the files.
    Any chance of some info on where to start.?
    Any help would be grateful


    hello,like siahamis53,i would like the file of gammacard of 17-11-08,becuse i can't download it for some reason.can you help me?
    Can you send me the Nova latest update file couse i can not dowload it for some reason
    thank you.
    Hi,sorry to disturb you but i do not know were to start really! i have a technomate 1000 CI (present from a friend to watch ITA tv) pointed on hotbird 13e and i need to learn from scratch! can you help me or can you please point me to the right direction?
    Let me know please.
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