Debug mode but no Neutrino!!!!



I have a Nokia Dbox2 with 2 intel chips in debug mode I'm trying to get Neutrino on using IFA but it's not flashing the box I know the connections are set up right as I've just installed it on another box but even when I push up on the box after plugging the box in or resetting it using standby and up the lcd's stuck on the debug mode screen with 5 loading blocks... Please throw me a bone!!!
can you ftp the image to the temp folder on the dbox and write one partition without bootloader that should do the trick

press dbox settings network if in english if german look for the same but reads different but looks the same if you know what i mean
is there a way to find the ip adress with the betasearch software on
try this one for betasearch see if this one does it
ok when it all starts and you press dbox what do you get
no when yoiu turn on the dbox and it starts and you press dbox what do you get
in big letters it says dbox

if i push the dbox button it does nothing but the green the flashing next to the lcd
so the remote works
but the screen starts with the debug screen

bmon v1.2 mid 01

feid 7a gta.... ect
you need this it will help ya m8

let me know how you got on m8