dead opus


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Mar 18, 2005
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i have an opus card 1.04 i was halfway thru putting on rom image when computer rebooted, not i cannt erase ,write or even read card, tried with opus loader and winexplorer says error cant reset.

any ideas or should i throw it ?

many thanks
make sure you have set you pheonix programmer back up.
yep programmer is working, just read other opus card
no probs with that one . guess im doomed

opus loader says failed to trap card
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how did you update?i believe youmonly need to update image, tbc has only little knowledge with opus,i had mine working las night,i just changed the image,I used the game uk image,could,nt get porn,and got locked out this morning.
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i bought them with 1.04 already on, but i did try to clear then update myself because they werent working, using tbc program he uploaded, but it just told me it was already 1.04