dbox2 sagem 1x not booting


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Oct 28, 2005
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hi i got a sagem 1x black dbox i start it up and it stays at this screem saying up the top beta research and under neath it says digital broadcasting solutions then a little black line and the lcd keeps flashing and it dont go into lade so i cant flash a image any help would be great thanks for your time..
i dont no how to find that out m8 can you plz tell me how you find that out thanks m8
when you turn on the box does it show loads of writing and numbers in the lcd before betaresearch comes up
all right m8 i left the box on for about an 30 mins reset it did the same left it again reset it and now it works got past lade and now all working so ill put a new image on any idea which is the best image any way thanks for your help mate