Dbox safety questions


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May 13, 2005
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A Telepest engineer has driven down my street and looks like he's installing a connection to one of the houses.

Just wondering could he detect a Dbox working in the area?

Are there any precautions I should take to minimise any detection?

I know that detection is minimal but is there a chance I could be detected?

Or am I worrying for no reason?
It's been said that a Dbox could theoretically be spotted by a local engineer from the resistance any electrical device would send back on the network, but it could just as well be your TV plugged into the RF. I have never heard of anyone getting caught this way, and NTL can't gain access to your house without a police search warrant, which is unlikely to be granted on such flimsy evidence.
my m8 got broadband installed yday next door and i was watching him and my tv was on noting happened so dont worry i think he could have seen me watching tv thru the window lol !
dBox's do not have talk back so you have nothing to worry about.
nah dont worry mate i have never ever got caught with cable i have had it chipped for about 7 years starting with the old analouge jerrold boxes i had a message saying you are not permitted to watch this channel on al of them all i did was turn it off put original box on and hey worked perfect after that ! with the Dbox i think its much more safer as it has no talk back and they cant just break into your house and search if they gonna just hide it or sumting but they will never find out unless they physically see it
Everthing the above say is true, if they ever came to yer door just tell him to come back in 1/2hour as your in the middle of an important business phone call e.g (Swapping oot yer dbox for your original box).

Job Done. LOL

:flame: :Cheers: :Cheers: :flame:
Yep... and remember that most NTL/Telewest engineers have chipped cable themselves or are traders of some kind... so most of them wont care... and if they do turn round and say 'oit what u doin with that dbox', then just say 'f*ck off or i'll tell ur boss wat ur up 2'. Sorted.
wel get this ! on my old anolouge box i had a package which cost me 15.00 a month ! then i tunred the package off so i paid for nothing but i still got the free channels on my original box. but they still charge me ! so i said turn it off i dont want it no more (all this time i had a chipped box as well) so they tunred off my signal and i thought shit my chipped box wont work ! so i tried it and it did everyting worked where as my original said "your set top box been disconnected " so now they think i dont have cable ! but i still get channels to my dbox lolz so it all worked out ok for me i dont think they will ever know !
Don't worry about it. If you are worried buy a splitter and leave the legit box plugged in.

Bask in the warm glow of free cable TV. Hell, they bombard me with TV ads, that's payment enough for the robbing bastids.

The dbox is probably the best thing i've bought in years. Long live the dbox.
90% of the installation team are either dodgy or couldn’t care less I mean where do all the dodgy pace boxes come from not from comet that’s for sure u might get the odd jobs worth but what can they prove without entering your house all they can say is your box isn’t connected and all you have to say is , what’s your point? :FINGER:
rock said:
dBox's do not have talk back so you have nothing to worry about.

I second that!!!

For those of you who dont know what that is ill explain:

on telewest/ntl you have a callback feature on the standard digi boxes which is used to comunicate between your box and your cable provider this is why if you do pay a subscription to your cable provider you need to have your providers box pluged in otherwise someone in their office is going to say hang on a minute theyve not used their box for a month or whatever and they are paying a subscription (weather it be the lowest or highest) and they havent reported any fault they are definately going to suspect something and investigate.

But saying that if your original box is plugged in but you dont use it or even if you do there isnt realy any reason for them to suspect anything al lyou remember to do is if theyre coming around your house for any reason make sure you put the equiptment back how it should be.

as far as whats been said about the signals that an engineer could see in the local area, like it has been said there is not enough evidence to warrant them investigating it unless a problem is reported by you.