D500c connections


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Nov 25, 2005
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Hi guys,

I have currently got my Dreambox connected to the TV via Scart Cable and also i have a DVD recored connected via COMPONENT to my tv. What i want to do is also connect my dreambox to my dvd recorder so I can record from the dreambox whilst still watching normal Analogue TV.

With my dbox2 i could connect the dvd recorder via the 2nd scart that was on the dbox2 and this worked fine. I could set the dvd recorder to record from AV and it would record the channel on the dbox2 The dreambox doesnt have this function but i have noticed it has got composite connections as well as scart. IS it possible to connect the DVD recorder to the dreambox through the composite or is the composite just for video/audio out?

Hope this makes sense as I always find it difficult to get my head around TV connections :)


The scart connections on the drambox are outputs, so you can not connect another piece of equipment to it.

You could just connect your 500c to the dvd recorder via scart and watch the 500c on the tv via the composite connection, or maybe watch the dreambox through the dvd recorder and it's component feed to the TV if thats possible.