client mode freezing issue


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Jun 3, 2010
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Tm nano se using solo2 as client watching tv through box it has started to freeze and while playing a recording from my et10000 it locked up and remote had no effect.I wonder if box is not powerful enough as it happened before and reflashed it.Recordings from other boxes play great.
Tm nano has no extras added.
Probably right with it being not powerful enough or possibly networking is not mup to scratch.

Probably better using the Solo2 as the server and nano as client.

SSH into the nano and run top then start the client and see what the load is like on the nano
The solo2 has the feeds including motor control and tm nano was getting to annoy me now and yesterday reflashed tm and setup client mode again as no feed cable as is working better now.With importing channel lists and epg from solo2 does one need to save the epg as not done that before?