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Cheap sdram needed


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Nov 10, 2005
Hi guys and gals

My aunty's pc has been playing up lately and found out the memory is causing the problem( guess it happens in later life lol), she's not wanting to get a new pc as for how much she uses it it's hardly worth it, all she really uses it for is to keep intouch with her daugter, msn that kind of thing but it just shuts down on her and keeps having to reboot it.

She phoned a fella out from a local pc shop who's trying to rip her off as he told her that it needed the memory and would cost around £100 for it plus cost of fitting so i got a call form her to ask if that was ok, so i am looking to find some cheap sdram and just wondered if anyone knows of any cheap places of where to get her some, i know it's not that pricey but for all she wants it for im trying so sort it out as cheap as poss.

I am currently keeping an eye on fleabay for some but only concerened some of them might not be brilliant and just cause same problem, so if anyone knows of any cheap places all info would be much appreciated

Many thanks
All the best


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Dec 10, 2004