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Oct 25, 2005
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Hello all

After following the fantastic tutorials to be found here (many thanks!), I now have a fully installed Dbox2. I've tried various versions of bouquets and services xmls but I am still only able to get a handful of channels, mostly freeview channels.

Before I got the dBox2, I was able to get a few extra non-terrestrial channels (BBC News 24, Sky One) through an existing Telewest broadband cable. I can now get a few more, such as E4, BBC3, BBC4, ITV 2 etc.

Can anyone explain why I can't get any additional channels? Would I be able to get more channels if I had a basic telewest TV subscription?

Any help appreciated. Many thanks.
No, I thought having a services xml meant I didn't need to scan? But I suppose if the services xml is not up-to-date, then I should scan for channels, is that right? How do I do that?

Cheers for the reply.
Have a look in the downloads section m8 there is a great tut on scanning for channels in there.
by liam
If you cant find it im on msn
I've had a look in the downloads section, but not quite sure what I'm looking for. I've found a cables.xml and scan.conf for bruteforce but don't know what to do with them. If there's already a tutorial could you point me to it??

Many thanks - very new to all this and still finding my feet!
Thanks. I've gone through the tutorial, but using my remote, when I go to d-box, service menu, service scan, in 'cable provider' I only have the German cable providers (i.e. I don't have 6887 or 6952). I do have cable bruteforce, but after a doing a scan with that, no channels were picked up. I have Fast Scan turned off as recommended in the tutorial.

Do I need a cables.xml and if so, where do I get it from and where in the d-box files should I copy it into?

Thanks for you help and apologies if I'm being stupid!!
Did you let it finish it finds transponders first then the channels last
did it find any transponders
what image do you have on
OK, that kind of worked! It found 280 transponders and a 170 channels, but when I went to view the channels, only about 20 of them displayed.

Image is Sportser, it came already installed on the box.

Looking at other threads, I found reference to "epg reading". Would this setting have an effect? How do I check whether this is switched on or off?

Also, under Servicescan, Bouquet, before scanning I have a choice of "create new; leave current; update; Satellite-Bouquet; erase all." I don't have the "Overwrite existing" option mentioned in Liam's tutorial. Which do you recommend I should use?

Thanks for your help!
Choose leave existing
but You would be better putting another image on choose the right one for your box.

Just Unrar it and transfer it into the /tmp folder in the box
dont reboot the box
then using your remote press
backup/restore or software update
Expert functions
Write one Partition 'IMPORTANT'
Flash without bootloader 'IMPORTANT'
hi-lite the image and press ok
then press the red butoon
When it has finished and gone into deep standby unplug then plug back in
then transfer the bruteforce files back in and do a scan again.
Hope this helps .
Wow - that's worked, and just in time to watch Man u v Chelsea!!

Thanks for your help, I've now got most channels I think. I'm missing a few (the Discovery Channels, for example). Although I transfered the bruteforce files to the box, when I went to scan I was only given the choice of CableUK 6952, which is what I used.

Should I have been able to see a bruteforce option and, if so, would a search using bruteforce have found more channels? If so, I'll try transfering the bruteforce files again and running a scan again tonight.

Looking forward to sharing my xml files! Many thanks mate.
you should have seen bruteforce, transfer cable and scan.cfg files to var\tuxbox\config
Glad you got it working.
All working perfectly. Thanks for everything! By the way, will the box automatically update, or will I lose channels over time and have to scan again? Also, some channels say "Waiting for EPG". Is there anything I can do about this?
you will have to do a scan when the put new channels out to get them
what channel are waiting for epg