Can I reset my Dell to factory settings?


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Oct 8, 2005
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Hi guys-1st time in this section as i'm not too confident on computers-If it turns on and works I leave it(like my car!).I used to have a guy I could call on who used to help me with any problems but unfortunately he's had to return back to his home country.

I have a couple of questions about the one I use now as it's a bit old and i've never "tidied it up" so would like to transfer to this one then sort the other one out. If I can sort this question i'll follow on with others about transferring stuff/Drives over.One step at a time though.:FRIGHT:

Anyway I have recently bought a Del Dimension 3100 secondhand which I want to reset to how it came out of the factory-Is this possible as I don't have any recovery disks etc with it? It has Windows XP Home on it with a key sticker as well.

Any help appreciated.Thanks
You can use an oem copy of xp if you have a license, drivers should be available from dell site.
If you don't want to pay for a copy of XP, read the cd key for your current installation of XP and borrow a copy from a mate. Re-install XP using your authentic cd key.
if it has a pre installed copy of xp try this when dell boot screen comes up try pressing ctrl then f11 then let them go at the same time should take you to dell restore screen then just follow instructions. just did my nieces inspiron 6000 that way you can also run a system check by pressing f12 when booting

if that does not work and you have a copy of xp go to w* and go to downloads page select you model number and download all the drivers you can for that model save to disc and install fresh copy of xp

The Ctrl and f11 didn't do anything-just booted to Windows screen every time.Got to the f12 screen no problem tho.

Going to borrow a copy of XPHome and try to reinstall. Thanks for the replies